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SPRING FESTIVAL & OPEN DAY: Saturday, 24th September, 11am

Sure as the sun rises each day, so will warmth return and blossoms burst forth. In a world of constant change, it is reassuring for children to express gratitude and reverence for the very ground beneath our feet and to feel a connection with the rhythmical changes in nature. Adults, too, can observe the ebb and flow of the life of soul and develop a feeling for the bigger picture that all are part of.


It is in a mood of reverence and joy that the Spring Festival is celebrated at school. Children, teachers, parents, former parents and visitors gathered on a beautiful sunny spring Saturday dressed in the colours of the season. All the children (and many parents) wearing garlands and the verandahs were bedecked with spring banners painted by the children.


The festival reflects the teacher’s endeavour to make a connection with nature and bring the inner content around the festival alive - through stories and activities in an age appropriate manner.


The school orchestra opened the festival with a piece by Handel followed by Class 7 reciting a poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson expressing the wonder of spring.


          For flowers that bloom at our feet,

          For tender grass so fresh and sweet,

          For song of bird and hum of bee,

          For all things fair we hear or see

          Father in heaven, we thank Thee!


          For blue of stream and blue of sky,

          For pleasant shade of branches high,

          For fragrant air and cooling breeze,

          For beauty of the blooming trees,

          Father in heaven, we thank Thee.


Older students and teachers brought a reverential mood with some beautiful Eurythmy before each of the younger classes celebrated the joy of spring with folk dancing including a superb maypole dance by Class 3.


This year, as part of the festival, two trees were planted at the stair entrance to the school courtyard as a deed embracing new life and making our surroundings more beautiful. Each child brought earth from their home to add to the planting, so that they may each feel they have contributed to this new life. As years pass and the trees grow, the children can remember their part and feel a sense of care for the growing trees.


Such pleasant weather was perfect for enjoying a community picnic afterwards.


Classrooms were also open as part of the School and Upper School Open Day for parents to to view and see what children of different ages are doing at school.