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Autumn Festival: Saturday 26th March, 3pm

3.00 p.m. – Welcome


Saint Michael and the Dragon Play
(in the amphitheatre - or hall if wet)


Verse and Singing in the courtyard
Please form a circle around the teachers and children.


Harvest Thanksgiving Dances


The Grace


Shared afternoon tea 



The harvest table will be decorated from 1pm – jams, preserves, pumpkins, baskets of nuts, vines, fruit,vegetables and any other food stuffs you feel appropriate, can be brought early on festival day, and all will help in making this an abundant heart of the occasion. All help in decorating courtyard and harvest table greatly appreciated.
 Please ensure your children are at school by 2.30pm so there is time to gather in classrooms to prepare for the play. Wearing autumn colours where possible is very much part of the spirit of the day.


*Please bring a cup, a plate of baking or finger food to share, and a donation for the Harvest table which will be gifted to a charity afterwards.