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Autumn Festival

It was a glorious autumn day for our annual Autumn Festival. The school was decorated with the beauty and bounty of the harvest time, including bread the children had baked and seasonal crafts of corn husk and grass dolls also made by the children. A collection of preserves, fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as canned and bottled items showed the spirit of abundance from the school community to be donated to the local Salvation Army foodbank.

The children began by presenting the traditional play of St Michael and the Dragon. As light and warmth noticeably start to recede and the nights get longer and colder, we are challenged to contemplate our relationship to light and darkness in the world. The play gives us a picture of finding courage within and not to succumb, but instead transform the summer sun’s forces to inner strength and courage to overcome the ‘dragon’ in the form of obstacles, fears and anxieties.

This is a whole school presentation where each class has a part to play to bring the story alive. Afterwards the whole community joined in the celebrations with dancing and songs of the season, before enjoying food together in the warmth of late afternoon sunshine.