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Class 10 - End of Year CONCERT: Monday, 5th December, 7.30pm

The end of year concert in 2010 by last year's Class Nine was much enjoyed by all.  It was a chance for the school community to view and fully appreciate the high levels of performance attained by Upper School Students.

This year Class Ten will continue in the same vein, and again all are warmly invited.  As with last year’s programme, this year’s will include choir, recitation, eurythmy and culminate in scenes from the drama The Italian Straw Hat - an hilarious farce in four scenes by the French comic writer, Labiche.  This year, the play is to be continued, largely due to the wishes of last year’s audience.  These subsequent scenes exhibit an ever increasing rein of hilarity.

                                                                            Rod Green, Class 10 English & Drama Teacher






Eurythmy Hall