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Autumn Festival 2012

A warm invitation is extended to all parents, relations and friends of the school to join us as a whole community in celebration of





On Saturday 24th March. 2012


3.00 p.m. – Welcome


Saint Michael and the Dragon Play

(behind Class 7/8)


Verse and Singing in the courtyard


Please form a circle around the teachers and children.


Harvest Thanksgiving Dances


The Grace


Shared afternoon tea


The harvest table, offering a display of food – jams, preserves, pumpkins, baskets of nuts, vines, fruit, vegetables is an important part of this Festival.  All food is gifted to charity at the end of the Festival.  The wealth of the display relies on us all.  You are most welcome to bring items on the day or on Friday at the end of school, taking them to the teachers’ room.   The preparation of the table will begin at 1.00pm on Festival day.


Please make sure your children are at school by 2.30pm so there is time to gather in classrooms to prepare for the play. Wearing autumn colours is very much part of the spirit of the day.


Please bring a plate of baking or finger food for the shared afternoon tea.  Please bring a cup for juice at the shared afternoon tea..


The  music and words for songs we will be singing at the festival will be sent home with next week’s newsletter.  Your children have been singing these at school and we would love you to be able to join in on Saturday.