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Ceilidh DANCE: 7pm

Class 3 are hosting another one of their famous Ceilidhs with fabulous musicians – The Chia Family, Chris Bacchus and guests.

Also featuring an Irish Dance showcase with special guest Chris Hodgson – 11 times NZ Irish Dancing Champion


Invite your friends too for a great night out.




Friday, 27th September, 7pm


Titirangi Memorial Hall

An evening of dance, music and family fun

Step lively  - set your feet a-dancing, your pulse a-pumping. Ceilidhs are energetic, fun and very social. This will be a fantastic family night.

The dances are group formation and set dances that draw on folk and dance styles from throughout Europe.

They are called by a ‘Caller’ - all the instructions ‘called’ as you dance - absolutely no prior experience needed!

Dances like…. Strip the Willow, Auderley Edge, Bottoms Up, Bridge of Athlone, Chancellor’s Farewell, Cumberland Square Eight -  as well as European folk dances and circle dances.

Come dance the night away!!!!

Tickets: Adults $10; children 14 yrs and under $5

Refreshments included

Class 3 Fun-raiser

Big thank you to our sound system sponsors – Paul at Sensorie Sound 021918698 & Bodhi from Tri Tone Audio 021944053

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