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Ceilidh at Titirangi Memorial Hall: 7pm

Ceilidh - Dance


What a fabulous night it was for the whole family! The hall was packed, with both young and old enjoying the wonderful community atmosphere and some very energetic dancing. A big thank you to all the musicians for the fantastic music; and Class 2 parents for serving the food and the delicious homemade lemonade.

The event was so well received, you can be sure there will be another one soon!




Step lively into Spring - set your feet a-dancing, your pulse a-pumping. Ceilidhs are energetic, fun and very social. This will be a fantastic family night.


The evening begins with a group of children performing a collection of dances from various cultures - The joy and enthusiasm on the children’s faces will say it all!


The dances are group formation and set dances that draw on folk and dance styles from throughout Europe.

They are called by a ‘Caller’ with all the instructions ‘called’ as you dance - absolutely no prior experience needed!

Dances like…. Strip the Willow, Auderley Edge, Bottoms Up, Bridge of Athlone, Chancellor’s Farewell, Cumberland Square Eight -  as well as European folk dances and circle dances.

Come dance the night away!!!!


Only $5 per person