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Creative Speech for Children in Steiner Schools TALK: Given by Astrid Anderson, 7.30pm

‘Take Care of the Sounds…

and the Sense will Take Care of Itself’


A Talk

And Demonstration



Creative Speech for Children in Steiner Schools


Given by Astrid Anderson


Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School

11th March 2014

At 7.30 pm

Cost $5


How can we educate the WHOLE HUMAN BEING through the arts, and in particular, through speech..?


Today, it has been well documented that human speech is much more than just a vehicle for conveying information.


« The voice – it conveys who we are, it reveals our personality. It carries human warmth, comfort, strength, and much more…

             We know someone by their voice.


« ‘Subtext’ – this is the emotional undertone, conveying a very different message perhaps, which the words themselves cannot reveal.

             How is it we so readily understand this nevertheless…?!


« Pictures – you can see them with your ‘mind’s eye’ when someone speaks. Storytellers paint those pictures in vivid colours for us, and their speaking becomes ‘food for the soul’.

             They are just as real as the intellectual meaning of the words!


« Gestures – we see and feel them when people speak, especially when

          they are well spoken, as e.g. in poetry, and in drama, of course.

             We imitate the speaker’s gestures, and they affect us deeply.


« Rhythms – these are the different movement-impulses in poetry.

            They stimulate our life energy and harmonise our breathing and pulse.


Speech has a healing, nourishing, strengthening power, which is innate in each of us.