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The Heart of Childhood - TALK by Mary Willow: 7pm

** Particularly relevant to and important for parents

of children from Kindergarten to Class 5 **


A Talk by Mary Willow


"The Heart of Childhood”


Thursday 12th March - 7pm

Eurythmy Hall


The College of Teachers recognises that the 9th year is often a very challenging year for children, parents and teachers and that this struggle to integrate the new awareness of the world around them can make Class 4 and beyond a difficult time if the adults about the child are not able to help them with this transition.


The College is working to provide more resources and more support to teachers and parents such as this talk. Please come to hear Mary and to ask the many questions which we all have on this key time in each child's life.


Please come along!

It is vital that teachers and parents are working consistently in a shared approach and that communication remains open.  Coming to hear Mary speak is a real act of support for the teachers.

Thank you.