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Matariki Festival

Matariki Festival -  a two-day event celebrating the Māori New Year.

The festival is full of educational and fun activities such as traditional Māori games, rongoā (Māori medicine),  and mahi toi (arts and crafts) inspired by Māori taonga and Matariki. Alongside the workshops will be activities, musical entertainment, market stalls and food.

Friday 4th July: 2pm - 9pm

Saturday 5th July: 9am - 2pm

Venue: Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School 

All ages

Free Entry

Matariki is a time to celebrate our unique place in the world. We give respect to the whenua-land on which we live. Showing admiration to our Mother Earth Papatūānuku and Ranginui-Sky Father

It is a time to show our respect and reflect on those who have come before us. Matariki also signals growth. It's a time of change. It's a time to prepare, and a time of action. During Matariki, we can acknowledge what we have and what we have to give.

Matariki celebrates the diversity of life. It's a celebration of culture, language, spirit and people.

Matariki is our Aotearoa Pacific New Year so come and celebrate it with us on the first Friday and Saturday of July at the Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School.

We have two days of festival activities for everyone in the family to enjoy.

We are very fortunate in having secured the ‘COSMODOME’ this year for Friday evening and Saturday sessions. It is a ‘TRAVELLING PLANETARIUM’ and you get a fully digital astronomical experience!  

Activities from Rongoā – the discovery of our native medicines and how to use the plants to make oils and tonics, to Poi Making, to Raranga Mobiles –small flax crafts, Taniwha Uku-Clay modeling, to Māori Board Games to Fabric decoration and you can make a wish in the Matariki Fire for the coming New year. There will a mirimiri-massage clinic throughout the day and interactive stalls such as T-shirt Screen printing with our Matariki Desgin on it – bring in your own T-shirt and receive a discount,  Tye Dye your own pillowcase to remember this wonderful festival, face painting, candle dipping and so much more…

It is also an opportunity to be a part of a ‘noho’ – heard that word but don’t know what it is? Its an opportunity to come and sleep over in the school Eurythmy Hall as a marae-traditional Māori gathering place and enjoy an evening kai followed by the cosmodome talks, fun interactive activities and short educational films relating to Matariki. Waking up to breakfast and coffee before starting your fun filled day of Matariki festival activities.

Kai is a big part of the weekend celebrations too so on offer will be dinner Friday night and food all day on Saturday of contemporary and traditional kai from Aotearoa to tantalize the culinary delights of all who attend.

Also in keeping with the Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School’s sustainability and waste minimization kaupapa-philosophy we will be utilizing as many zero-waste principles as possible. If you come along with your own kapu-cup and pereti-plate you will be offered a discount on your kai.

Cosmodome brings to life the stars of Aotearoa-New Zealand. We can watch Matariki-the Pleiades rise as it does around the winter solstice every year. We can take you on a journey to the Pleiades and get a close up look at this magnificent star cluster filled with hundreds of glowing hot, young, blue stars. You will understand the importance of this event for Māori and Polynesian people throughout history and its relevance in our culture today and around the world. Visit our resources page for more on Matariki.


Tēnā ngā kanohi kua tikona e Matariki

Matariki will keep you awake….






10am - 12noon


RONGOĀ 1             

An introduction to Native Plants Medicine through identification, methods of harvesting and uses.  

Matua Hone Ratana



This is a product manufacturing where you will make wairakau-tonic and mirimiri hinu-massage oil to take home.

Whaea Candy, Whaea Sui, Whaea Mandy


BACK TO THE SOURCE HOKI KI NGA WAIORA – Conversations with Water

We will explore the ordinariness and powerful simplicity of our relationship with water through a simple ritual of bringing our waters together and sharing our stories. Water is our primordial ancestor, alive within our bodies and linking us back into the source of all life. We will focus on our direct experiences, the way we communicate with the physical world of our water planet. What can we learn from water about creating conditions for health and wellbeing? We will explore how a powerful relationship with water can influence how we live our lives, in the most practical, ordinary and extraordinary ways.

Whaea Caroline Robinson




10am - 10.55am

11.15am – 12.10pm



We are pleased to have the return of Whaea Leila Carmichael. Last year the participants made Manu Aute -Traditional Kites. This year participants will be introduces to traditional Maori Board Games.

Whaea Leila Carmicheal



In this workshop participants will discover and create their own Taniwha made from Papatūānuku -Earth Mother. Clay. 

Whaea Jo Erskine and Matua Bacho



Nature Fabric Action. Fabric decoration with mixed media - using  native plant and natural materials. All easy and inexpensive methods. Not suitable for children.

Whaea Sylvie Souchon, Whaea Jan Derbyshire



Come along and create you own set of Poi, using natural and organic fabrics. Learn basic movements through waiata-song.

Whaea Coral Tatana, Whaea Collen



Create your own masterpiece of small colored Harakeke-flax crafts.

Whaea Crystal Gordon, Whaea Giselle Martinengo





Friday 4th July


2pm – 4pm 

  • Powhiri in the Eurythmy Hall
  • Eurythmy Play 'A Matariki Tale' held in the Eurythmy Hall 
  • Refreshments in the foyer


4pm – 6pm

  • Setting up the Eurythmy Hall for the Noho-Sleepover
  • Preparing for the Nights Activities


6pm – 7pm

Dinner in the Eurthymy Hall foyer


7pm – 9pm

  • Evening activities and entertainment

Ron Fisher, the Cosmodome N.Z. will bring a presentation about Matariki, the star constellation Pleiades and how relevant it is to us today.


7.30 p.m.  

  • Short educational films relating to Te Ao Māori
  • Interactive fun Workshops


9pm - 9.30 p.m.

  • Supper in hall foyer


9.30pm - late

  • Story time


Saturday 5th July



  • Weather permitting - an interactive Telescope Viewing of Matariki


7am – 8am

  • Breakfast


8am – 9am

  • Noho-sleepover tidy up



  • Coffee Cart open




  • Karakia to open
  • Whakatau tinana - Māori style Tai chi (Mao-chi) 15-20mins



  • Second Session of the Cosmodome 45mins



  • 2 hour workshops and 55 minutes workshops



  • Third Session of the Cosmodome  - 45minutes



  • Fourth Session of the Cosmodome 45min



  • Second Block of 55 minutes workshops 



  • Fifth Session of the Cosmodome 45 minutes


12 noon – 2pm   LUNCHTIME



  • Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School Orchestra



  • Sixth and final Session of the Cosmodome - 45 minutes



  • Raffles and Silent Auction results




  • Karakia to close the Festival



To book please email


See below for prices


Crèche available Saturday 10am-12.15pm for children aged 2 - 6years. Please bring snack & change of clothes. $5 Please pre-book.




Friday Entry & Evening Entertainment                  Free

Noho-Sleepover                                                Free

Saturday Entry                                                  Free


Child = School Age Children & Students


Early Bird Prices until Monday 30th June

Dinner Friday          Child  $6        Adult  $10     Whanau 4 person  $25


Workshops           55mins           Child  $5        Adult  $8

                            2hour             Child  $8        Adult  $13


Whanau Pack  - 4 person combo adults and children includes dinner and either 4 x 55 min. workshops or 2 x 2 hour workshops

                             4 x 55mins         $50

                              2 x 2hr              $45



Standard Prices   1st July – 5th July

Dinner Friday          Child  $8       Adult  $12        Whanau 4 person   $35


Workshops           55 mins           Child  $7      Adult   $9

                           2 hours            Child  $10    Adult   $15


Whanau Pack – 4 person combo adults and children includes dinner and either 4 x 55 mins workshops or 2 x 2 hour workshops

                             4 x 55 mins           $60

                             2 x 2 hours            $55


Friday July 4th


Cosmodome           Child    $6       Adult  $8   Whanau 4 person   $25  

 Veiwings are 45 mins. per session


Session times                   7.30 p.m.               Friday                          #1

                                      9.30 a.m.               Saturday                      #2

                                      10.15 a.m.             Saturday                      #3

                                      11.00 a.m.             Saturday                      #4

                                      11.45 a.m.             Saturday                      #5

                                      1.00 p.m.               Saturday                      #6


Cosmodome Tickets will be for sale Friday evening onwards


Bookings until 30th June will receive the Early Bird Specials. Payments will have to made by 30th June.