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Moving Inside the Rose CREATIVE WORKSHOP: 9.30AM-3.30PM

A collaborative workshop given
by Tracey Murphy and Christine Moginie


When :  Sunday 27th  October,   9.30 - 3.30pm

Where: Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School Hall, Helios Place, Laingholm, Auckland

Cost (Sliding Scale) $65 - $80 (Deposit required to secure registration ahead of workshop please.)

Bank account: C Moginie: ASB 12 3086 02 46768 00 with name as reference please

Harnessing Spring Energy to give life to the inner pictures
 received through Winter.

To be in balance and healthy we need both inner and outer connection to self and the other.  This is becoming increasingly difficult to sustain in our busy and hurried lives.

So come  and immerse yourself in a day of living in artistic practise. 
To open and explore space of the heart, the bridge between the inner experience and outer life.


Tracey – after introducing the programme and each other we will start in the morning using the healing medium of charcoal to create our “inner rose”.

Using the archetypcal gestures of Light and Darkness, Colour comes into expression revealing pictures of our individual soul journey.

How do we move through our obstacles (briars/thorns) to harvest the gifts (blossoms/seeds), waiting in our future.

We literally carve out our personal destiny in our carbon/charcoal mirror, which reveals the reality rather than just a reflection as in a glass or silica mirror.

After a break we will continue the journey through the movement of eurythmy.  Moving together in space, harmonising ourselves and the other in the social realm.  We will attempt to create an Inner Rose.


Christine – After lunch we will gather again to unfold the archetypal picture of fairytales.

Journeying into the story of Briar Rose, we follow the souls journey into awakening consciousness.

Then we can experience the forming of our own inner imaginative pictures in a guided meditation. We will then capture the essence of our experience in watercolour, building on our mornings discoveries, balancing the movements and expression of colour and form.

The day ends with a sharing of our own journey, with the reminder we are weaving a greater tapestry which provides sustenance for our lives ahead.


The different gestures  and gifts of Tracey and Christine promises a day of rich soul food, sharing and a wonderful Sunday together.


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For registration or further enquiry please contact either Tracey or Christine on :

Christine Moginie: 021 1796471 or

Tracey Murphy : 021 023 31888 or