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Musica Boa Pra Caramba! - Benefit Variety Concert: 7pm

There is a special Benefit Concert planned for one of our Brazilian Guest Students. Lucas, who is from a Waldorf School in São Paulo where his mother also teaches, has been a guest student in Class 10 all year. He has contributed much to the class with his volleyball coaching, fencing skills for their Class 10 Play, positivity and mature attitude in general.  

Lucas has a knee injury which requires expensive surgery and, in recognition of all he has contributed to TRSS, classmates, staff, parents and friends are holding a special Benefit Concert to raise some funds towards this cost. 

It’ll be a vibrant variety type show – classical, popular, latin and Christmas flavours.


MUSICA BOA PRA CARAMBA! (Really Great Music!)


Opening Instrumentalist - Bruce Haswell

First Half:

Shiraz - Quartet – Max, Sophie, Monica, Adam 

Mozart Duet  –  Peter & Rod                                                                      

Mahler Lieder – Mary                         (piano – Rod)               

Strauss Lieder – Mary                         (piano – Rod)               

Three Modern Christmas Carols - Upper School Choir                         


Supper /Refreshments


Second Half:

Bem Ti Ve -  Fernanda & Lucas – Bossa Nova 

SJD   - Sean Donnelly

Rich Leschen – Bluegrass

Daddy’s Lost His Head - Chinmaya Dunster and guests



It will be a lively night -  not to be missed!

Please come, be entertained and raise some funds for Lucas.

Thursday 4th December,

Venue: Eurythmy Hall
Tickets at the Door: $10 adult; $5 child; $25 family.

Additional donations can also be made on the night or at the office.