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NEWS: Full Registration for Upper School


The exciting news for Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School recently has been the granting of full registration by the Minister of Education.

After more than two years of provisional registration, this was exciting, gratifying and relieving news. Full registration also means a small, but valuable amount of government funding is available. This will greatly assist as, until now, 6-10 families have supported the teachers as best they can without any external funding.

This Upper School initiative began in 2009 with a High School Group consisting of parents from throughout the school and also including former parents and teacher. By the beginning of 2010 a providential mix of students, teachers, parents, available facilities and community support for the Upper School all came together – but that, of course, was still not enough.  Establishing an upper school is a substantial organisational, financial and bureaucratic undertaking and wouldn’t have been possible without countless hours of work and support from teachers, dedicated parents and the whole school community. However, this hasn’t felt overly burdensome and it would seem that destiny and spiritual forces have been guiding the impulse from the beginning.

2013 will be a significant milestone for the school, as it will be the first year that the long-held vision to have a Kindergarten to Class 12 Waldorf education at Titirangi will be realised -  in the 28th year after the first Kindergarten group began in a local hall in 1986.

Currently there are two small classes – Class 9 and Class 11, which combines both Class 10 and 11 ages. Next year the roll increases dramatically with an incoming Class 9 of over 20 students. They will be accommodated in the current office - to be transformed during the summer holidays, which will bring the Administration Block well on its way to becoming the Upper School Block. The office will be temporarily located in a portacom while fundraising and building take place during 2013 ready for the opening of the new office in 2014.

Fundraising for the building programme is underway with various and varied fundraising initiatives. Besides grant applications both locally and overseas, the Trust is actively pursuing funding through guarantors, gifts and loans and welcomes any enquiries from those who may wish to assist the school in these or other ways through this next phase of development.  Please contact Trust members: Sean Gribben or Gary Beattie

It’s very exciting, not to mention challenging, to be moving forward on plans for TRSS that many have wished for over the years. A ceremony to formally celebrate the opening of the Upper School and the very first year of a full Waldorf Early Childhood to Class 12 education at Titirangi will be held at the beginning of the 2013 school year.