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Speech WORKSHOP - Michael Burton: 7pm

7pm, Hall.

Koha appreciated.


Michael is giving a workshop on the voice for teachers and parents. His approach to speech is based on that which was brought to the world through the life work of Rudolf and Marie Steiner and some of the themes that will be considered during the workshop are:


            ~ increasing power and flexibility of the voice through correct use of the breath, 

            ~ the different centres of the speech

            ~ finding one’s voice through connecting with the will and the resonance of the heart in speaking,

            ~ finding one’s true source of inspiration through penetrating into the mysteries of the breath and

            ~ dealing with exhaustion through taking hold of what brings inspiration through the way we speak.


Michael first studied speech and drama at Auckland University, where he received a Diploma in Drama in 1977. (He also has a B.A. in English Literature from Waikato University.) Two years after that he began an anthroposophical speech training that he completed in Hawaii under Virginia Brett in 1988. He then began to practise artistic speech and drama in various ways – as a writer, speech performer, actor, speech therapist and speech teacher.


Today he lives in Sydney where, until recently, he practiced speech therapy and chirophonetics. He teaches voice in China and is involved in the writing of a script for a fifth play to follow on from Steiner’s Four Mystery Dramas - a commission for Lemniscate Arts in New York who are working towards performing the work worldwide in 2017.



Michael Burton's versatility as a story teller, actor and teacher of creative speech was showcased well during his day-long visit to our school.  From his presentations to the early childhood realm through to the after school work with the teachers, Michael sustained his enthusiasm and energy, providing content that was appropriate and engaging at all levels.

Tracey O'Leary, Education Leader Linuwel School, Maitland NSW