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Welcome to the Spring Festival for 2012


It was such a beautiful spring day...



9.30am       Decorating for the Festival

11.00am     Festival begins.

All sing:      O Welcome to you

Class 7 & 8:EVOE

All Sing:     Here, look in the garden bed

Class 1 & 2:Dance - Bruderchen, komm tanz mit mir

All Sing:     Spring has now unwrapped her flowers

Class 5:      Dance from the Persephone Play

All Sing:     The Golden Time

Class 3:      Maypole Dance

All Sing:     Laughing Springtime

Class 4:      Dance - Tinikling

All Sing:     Winter, where is now your might?

Class 6:     Staves, with a circle of staves to make sun’s rays.

Circle Dance for all


Each child to bring $4 to the office to cover festival costs.

Parents are warmly invited to help create a welcoming arch on

Friday 21st September from 1.30-3.00pm, meet at Class 1 room.

Wear your loveliest spring colours in celebration of the season.

Bring a picnic to have on the lawn and decks.

Make sure there are enough cups, spoons and forks for all! Not to

mention something to sit on!