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Tunes for Thailand - FUNDRAISER CONCERT: 7pm

Class 12 have organised a fantastic concert supported by students (past and present) from throughout the school;  school and music  teachers; and parents.

Please come along, show your support for all their organising efforts and this opportunity to hear not only experienced musicians, but also an opportunity for the young musicians to showcase their talent!

Don’t miss it! Take a look at the programme below. It will be an absolutely superb night out.

Beautiful tickets available at the office $10pp. Door sales also available.

Venue: Hall

Time 7pm-9.30pm

Refreshments Available


Tunes for Thailand -  Fundraising Concert

First Half

  Sonata No.3 for Flute and Piano by G F Handel     (Adagio, Menuet, Bourrée)

   Ruu Sumita (Class 8) – Flute

   Rod Green – Piano


Violin Concerto in A Minor by J B Accolay    (First Movement)

   Max Carter (Class 12) – Violin

   Rod Green – Piano



    Sophie Wolff-Wigley (former student)- Cello

    Jessica Wolff-Wigley (Class 8) - Violin


Appalchia Waltz

    Max Carter – Violin

    Sophie Wolff-Wigley - Cello

    Jessica Wolff-Wigley - Violin


Concerto in D Minor for Two Violins, Continuo, Piano by J S Bach    (Slow Movement)

   Emily Allen – Violin

   Robin Snape – Cello Continuo

   Holly Powell – Violin

   Rod Green – Piano


Indian Selection

   Guntaas Oberoi (Class 5) – Harmonium

   Basant Madhur – Tabla


Hindustan Classical Selection

   Chinmaya Dunster – Sarod

   Basant Madhur – Tabla




Second Half


     Instrumental Composition  Tom Chamberlain (Class 9 - piano)

Original Compositions – Tom Chamberlain (piano & vocals)

Fallen Angel

Right Track


      “Take 5”  

Sophie Wolff-Wigley (cello), Ruu Sumita (drums), Tom Chamberlain (piano)


 “Charlie Brown”  

Mercury Redman (former student - bass), Lucca Girardi (Class 9 - guitar), Tom Chamberlain (piano), Angus Hampton Carr (former student - guitar), Ruu Sumita (drums)


       Medley Finale 

Tom Chamberlain (piano & vocals), Prayer Skinner (former student - vocals), Mercury Redman (bass), Angus Hampton Carr (guitar), Will Chamberlain (Class 12 - guitar), Ruu Sumita (drums)


Stand By Me

Sweet Home Alabama

Three Little Birds

Something in the Wate

Fix You

All Along the Watchtowe

Johnny B Goode


This is your chance to stand up and dance!!!



Trip Information: Class 12, 2016 is carrying on an initiative started by the first Class 12 of 2013 to venture overseas on a Social Service and Cultural Trip.

They are traveling to Thailand in January 2017 where they will be working with two great NGO’s as well as undertaking cultural activities and sightseeing.

Firstly, they will be volunteering with The Branch Foundation at the Koung Jor Shan Refugee Camp which aids displaced ethnic Shan. This organisation was co-founded by one of the first Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School pupils, Iona Proebst. The Branch Foundation is doing amazing work in South East Asia and on the Thai-Myanmar/Burma border in particular. Iona has a degree in Social Anthropology and a Postgraduate Diploma in International Development from the University of Auckland. In 2014 she was awarded a Rotary World Peace Fellowship to study Peace and Conflict Studies at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. Visit to read more about the organisation and the real difference Iona is making in the world.

And secondly, with the Elephant Nature Park ( This project supports elephants living free in their homelands, improving local community living standards, and working together with the local community while living in a cultural exchange in a mountain village.

This is their final “camp” together as a class - taking them out of their comfort zone to a world vastly different to their NZ lifestyle - an opportunity to experience real issues of the world and perhaps inspire ways to contribute to the future.