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WORKSHOP for the Humble Cheesemaker: 10am-2pm

Learn to make your own feta, quark and yoghurt with Itai Biran.

Cost: $35 includes all ingredients.


Numbers limited, bookings essential - To register please phone Rachel 817-2191 or email


My intention for the workshop is to "de-mistify cheesemaking". That is to show a simple step by step processes of how to make cheese. I believe that if things are made simple and accessible and if I give people the necessary first materials, people will go home and become "humble cheese-makers". And that is my goal. I want people to take cheese making on. Not just as a one off experience.


I am not a professional cheese maker, but as a self taught, foody person and as a milking goat owner I have been making a few batches of cheese every week now for a few years. So I have become quite experienced in "cheese-making trouble shooting". This experimental spirit is what I would like to bring to the workshop. Yet I will show very simple stages.

Along the years I have dropped and simplified some more orthodox methods and stages, making cheese making more accessible.  


In the workshop we will learn how to make Feta, Quark, and Yoghurt.


Feta;  In the process of making feta we will employ most of the necessary stages of making almost any cheese. So this is a great one to learn and practice, plus it's easy ,quick and yummy.


Quark;  is even easier, and very versatile in the kitchen.


Yoghurt;  is extremely healthy, very versatile, and about a third of the price when you make it yourself. you'll get 2 liters of  thick yoghurt from 2 liters of milk.


Other cheeses will be discussed and indications will be given of how to make them.


Handouts will be given, describing everything we've learned.

plus a few basic materials you will need to make cheese at home- so no excuses!