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The Language of Music WORKSHOP with Julian Pook Saturday 31st July

Due to request, Julian Pook is offering to run last weekend’s workshop again on Saturday, 31st July.

If you are interested to learn more of the mood of the fifths, major and minor, intervals and scales, experience elements of music as the grammar of a soul-spiritual feeling language then please contact Katrina before Friday evening 8pm on 817 8448.

Music's movement creates form and content as one whole experience, through rhythm, harmony and melody.

A one day workshop for all adults. No previous musical experience necessary.

Working slowly and meditatively to enter the mood of the fifth, major and minor, intervals and scales; experiencing elements of music as the grammar of a soul-spriritual feeling language.

Venue: Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School

Time: 9.30am - 3.30pm

Cost: $30

Morning and afternoon tea provided, please bring a shared lunch

contact Katrina to register: or phone 817-8448

Julian is visiting Auckland for limited time and invites you to take part in a variety of events for a deepening exploration of music in relation to the world and the human being. Originally from the UK, Julian studied at the Royal College of Music, with the BBC Training Orchestra and Emerson College, where he was later responsible for music for 12 years. He came to NZ and Australia in 1982 as part of his sabbatical year before becoming a regional musician in Norway until 1988. He now lives in the Hawke's Bay, teaching locally and working with the Diploma in Rudolf Steiner Education students at Taruna College.