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SPRING FESTIVAL 2010: Saturday, 18th September

The school celebrated the coming of spring with the traditional Persephone Play, Folk Dancing, and a community picnic.  The Persephone Play presents an Ancient Greek explanation of why the earth is not in an eternal summer, and the joy of spring is compared to the joy of seeing a daughter after a long time apart. 


Seasonal festivals serve to connect us with the rhythms of nature and of the cosmos. The festivals originated in ancient cultures, and have been adapted over time. To join the seasonal moods of the year in a festive way benefits the inner life of the soul. Celebrating is an art. There is joy in the anticipation, the preparation, the celebration itself, and the memories.


All around us nature is giving the feeling and image of spring’s arrival.  Rain and sunshine, warmth and cold, perhaps spring can be a time of indecision.  Spring bulb flowers have been out for a while now - Daffodils and Earlicheer abound.