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Support Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School

The School and Early Childhood are owned and funded by the Rudolf Steiner Schools (Titirangi) Trust.

As an independent school, limited funding is received from the government - approx $1,000 per school child and various rates for kindergarten and nursery children depending on age and attendance. The Trust's most valued source of funds to enhance the education comes from donations. 

In order to uphold the commitment that no child should be denied this education for financial reasons, the supporters of the trust are invited to donate generously in order to enhance the education and provide for the broadest and fullest Waldorf/Steiner curriculum possible. This can be done in many varied and creative ways. 

Please donate today!

  • Financially
  • Volunteering
  • In Kind
  • Fundraisers
  • Shopping at Forest Folk

There are a host of ways to volunteer - tasks  such as cleaning, grounds maintenance, administration tasks reduce employment costs.

Becoming a Trustee, volunteering as a Class Parent, helping on field trips, baking cakes, joining groups such as craft group, woodwork group, Building & Maintenance Team or fundraising efforts such as Advent Fair Group, Titirangi Village Market and Café are also essential and valuable ways of contributing.

One-off or regular automatic payment donations can be made directly to the  Support TRSS Bank Account : 12-3100-0062587-01

Please include your name and address if you would like a receipt issued.

As a registered charity, New Zealand taxpayers are eligible to claim back 1/3 of all of their donations at the end of the financial year, 31st March.

No matter how large or small the contribution, if you believe that the provision of a full Steiner Education is critical in our times to develop individuals capable of fulfilling their own potential and bringing much needed capacities to the world we would like to live in – we encourage you to utilise this opportunity. Every dollar counts.

Do it today -

One of the great dynamics of money is that it grounds us, and when we put money behind our commitments, it grounds them too, making them real in the world.

We can wish for better schools, a clean environment, and world peace; we can even volunteer, but when we also put our money behind those intentions, we become really serious about them.

Money is a great translator of INTENTION into REALITY, VISION into FULFILLMENT."

Lynne Twist, author of The Soul of Money