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From a former student and parent

When choosing to prioritise Steiner education for my son, I reflected on my own time at the Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School, then out at Parau, where I had the best years of my entire school life. 

My imagination was captured as we followed the experiences of the great civilisations, Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome in our lessons. We would beg our teacher for "please just a little more" as he told us stories of great heroes, always finishing with a cliff hanger, leaving us hungering for more. We moulded bricks to build miniature pyramids, and learnt of the geometry and maths that evolved from the building of these great structures. We performed plays and music for the school and parents; gone was the shy girl who would have dreaded such an event. 

We were a close little class who spent every moment together in and out of school, our lunch times were filled with running everywhere in gumboots, building huts in the bush and organising group sports games, some of which we totally invented. Every birthday was celebrated with a "surprise" shared lunch and a cake baked by a classmate, who still remembers all these birthdays! Some of these people are still my closest friends and my other classmates I see from time to time and though years may pass between seeing each other there is an easy familiarity in being together. 

I wanted for my own child to experience this nurturing environment, created through long lasting relationships, and an education that fosters a passion for learning that would allow him to joyfully and successfully follow any path he may choose to tread in his future. I can happily say that I made the right choice...he loves it!

One lesson in particular has stayed with me through the years; over a period of weeks we moulded a clay ball into a baby's head and face and then progressively "grew it up" from baby to child to adolescent to adult. In retrospect this lesson was probably designed to help us understand our own growth and development but at the time I remember marvelling at the intelligence of our human form and now, as I am close to completing my Osteopathic Masters degree, I wonder if this was perhaps the spark that began my journey into understanding the human body.

P.S. In consideration of the fact that many of my Steiner peers have undertaken university education.....I can safely say that learning to read and write later is not a problem! Education is a journey not a race.

Felice Karuna, ex-pupil and current parent

From A New Parent

Just recently, one by one, all three of my children have started Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School, and we are feeling so very much relaxed. No more stress and no more worries. We can feel a different energy in our house. We can see happiness on their faces. Now, my children are always ready to go to school.

They all enjoyed taking part in the Autumn Festival. It was spontaneous. We all enjoyed it very, very much.

Komal Patel

From a Propective Parent

Thank you so much for having Ciara for the last three days. She absolutely enjoyed the experience, made some new friends and learnt lots. We are quite sure that this type of learning is very good for her. In the last three days she has learnt (and understood) more about fractions than she has ever learnt in her whole primary schooling yet! We would very much like for her to come to your school.

Tina Dean

From a New Parent

We are going great - Chantel is just outstanding - we both cannot say how much she has sparkled since going to the school.
Theresa and I are just so rapt. Kaye (her teacher) is also so wonderful for all her help and support when we needed it - just amazing for us.

Chantel has gone from one different school system to another, however - with your help she has accomplished this transition very well, and is now (in our opinion) excelling in all facets of her life (as an individual and academically).

We were confident in our decision to get her into your school, but seeing our little girl grow - has truly been sureal for us.

David Goodenough