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We have three kindergartens housed in the one building and sharing a delightful outside play area and 'wonderland', a fenced hillside of regenerating manuka for the children to explore. Each kindergarten is mixed age from four to six years and the children have ample opportunity to mix with the children from the other kindergartens at outside play.

Rudolf Steiner Kindergartens provide a nurturing environment based on an understanding of the young child's specific developmental needs before the age of seven. Young children naturally take in the world through their wide open senses and unite themselves with their surroundings through imitation. The teachers strive to be worthy of this imitation. They work at daily household tasks, baking, sewing, carding wool, making toys, and cleaning. Archetypal movements such as kneading bread, sawing wood, or sweeping are important for children to see and act out. Many children join in with this work, while others imitate the activity during their free play. The teacher often leads by example and song, and lets the activity speak for itself.

For the young children, play is their work. Great care is taken to create an environment for them that is warm, orderly, and beautiful. Most playthings are either gathered outdoors, (such as pincecones, smooth stones, shells and acorns) or are hand-made from natural materials. This enables the children to experience directly the truth and beauty inherent in nature.

The toys provided are simple in form to stimulate the children's imaginations enabling them to complete them in their own way. As they transform simple objects into homes, castles, farms, and forests, they are practising the mastery of their own physical and social skills. Daily outside play in the playground, with special walks amidst nature, engages the children in the wonder of the natural world.

Imagination is further enlivened through a variety of artistic activities. A typical week will include watercolour painting, coloured drawings, beeswax modelling, seasonal crafts, simple puppetry, singing, circle games and many stories. Strong daily, weekly, and seasonal rhythms bring all these activities into a form in which the children feel secure and are able to participate with confidence and joy.

During the child's early years, the Rudolf Steiner Kindergarten works to foster the wonderful vitality and creativity inherent in every child, establishing solid roots for the future. Reverence for the surroundings, when young, later helps instill a feeling of gratitude, rhythm in daily activities develops into strong will for work, imaginative play helps to develop the creative and independent thought that will be needed for later intellectual learning.


Open Afternoons Kindergarten and Nursery Open Afternoons are held periodically. Please contact the school office: 817-4386 for the next scheduled Open Afternoon. 

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