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Complaints and problem resolution


In order to maintain a healthy community life between teachers, parents, staff, pupils, Trustees and the wider community it is important that all complaints and concerns are given prompt attention, are heard fully and given respect.


All complaints, concerns, misunderstandings and/or disagreements concerning the school and the community are to be taken seriously and to be acknowledged promptly. 


All complaints and concerns are to be addressed in accordance with relevant employment agreements, legislation, policies and procedures.  Where necessary appropriate corrective or disciplinary action is to be taken.


Feedback and informal concerns

Feedback and informal concerns may be raised directly with the staff member of concern.  That staff member should listen respectfully and seek clarification of the details of the complaint. If it is possible, they may resolve the matter with an appropriate verbal response or action. The staff member should inform their section meeting and the Operations Manager of the matter and its resolution. Where a matter has not been resolved, the staff member should inform the Operations Manager. 



Where a matter has not been resolved informally, or the matter is serious, or the person is not comfortable speaking with the staff member of concern, they may raise the matter with the Operations Manager, or a Trust member if it relates to the Operations Manager. They may bring a support person with them if they wish. 


In the case of complaints about a staff member, the Staff Conduct and Competency Concerns Policy and Procedures will be followed.


In the case of complaints about a pupil, the Conduct management, Voluntary withdrawal, Stand down, suspension, exclusion and expulsion Policy and Procedures will be followed.


In the case of other complaints, the following process will be followed:

  • The Operations Manager will inform the College of Teachers and Trust of the matter
  • The Operations Manager and/or other College members will be mandated to investigate the matter
  • After the investigation is completed, the College of Teachers (and/or the Trust) must consider the findings and make a decision on how to resolve the complaint or what action to take.  
  • The decision must be provided, in writing, to all parties involved and kept strictly confidential to the parties.   A copy of the decision is to be provided to the Trust.


Optional further steps

If a complainant remains dissatisfied with a decision he/she may request that the matter is referred to 1) The Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School Trust and then 2) Steiner Education Aotearoa New Zealand. The task of both these bodies is to check that the school has followed its policy and procedures with regard to complaints and to communicate findings in this regard to the Operations Manager, the College of Teachers and the complainant.

If the complaint concerns a registered teacher  and all the above options have been exhausted, the complainant may refer the matter to the New Zealand Teaching Council at


You may read a copy of the School’s full complaints policies and procedures here.