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Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School is an independent, private school and relies on parents’ financial contributions to operate. We ask parents to give generously so that we can provide a rich and inspiring Waldorf education from Nursery to Class 12 and invest in our teachers and facilities for the children.

The School maintains the principle that parents are contributing to make the education available for all and that no child should be denied access to the education due to their family’s financial circumstances. On this basis, any family in genuine financial hardship may seek an adjustment to the school fees. All early childhood contributions are donations – there is no need to apply for a financial adjustment to early childhood contributions.


How parents are expected to contribute to the life of the School

  • Contribute financially to the best of their ability
  • Attend class parent meetings generally held once a term
  • Read the weekly newsletter and other communication from the School
  • Support class duties at School Festivals
  • Attend community meetings generally held once a term
  • Participate in School working bees
  • Get involved in fundraising activities such as the annual Advent Fair, the monthly Titirangi Village Market and the Forest Folk store.

We ask parents to make donations to early childhood in order to maintain the special Steiner Waldorf approach including the high teacher to child ratio, the additional costs of experienced teachers’ salaries, the Ngahere bush kindergarten programme teacher costs, the beautiful natural environment and playthings, nutritious homemade morning teas, celebration of festivals and birthdays, and arts and crafts materials; which are not government funded.

Government funds a very basic level of early childhood service up to 20 hours per week (plus 10 hours partially) per child only, up to a child’s 6th birthday. From the child’s 6th birthday, school fees apply.

All early childhood financial contributions made are donations and eligible for a tax refund of up to 33%.


2024 Early Childhood Donation Requests
52 Weekly Payments26 Fortnightly Payments12 Monthly Payments1 Annual Payment by 20 January 
Nursery and Kindergarten under 6 years*$107.69$215.38$466.67$5,600
*When a child turns 6 years old, government funding for early childhood stops. School fees apply from your child’s 6th birthday until the end of the year. Please make an appointment for assistance in calculating the costs for your child turning 6.

Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School receives minimal government funding for school services.

Parents are asked to commit to a payment for the year to cover tuition (teacher salaries) school resources and maintaining facilities. 

Any family in genuine financial hardship may request an adjustment to the fees.

2024 School fee and donation requests
52 Weekly Payments26 Fortnightly Payments12 Monthly Payments1 Annual Payment by 20 January 
1 child fee only$138.46$276.92$600$7,200
1 child fee + donation$204.81$409.62$887.50$10,650
2 children fee only$225$450$975$11,700
2 children fee + donation$357.69$715.38$1,550$18,600
3+ children fee only$311.54$623.08$1,350$16,200
3+ children fee + donation$510.58$1021.15$2,212.50$26,550

If you pay annually you can claim your full tax rebate on donations from 1 April 2024.

For those who cannot afford the full donation request, partial donations are welcome.

Support and tuition beyond the standard provision will be charged separately, as will other additional charges such as class trips, recorders and calculators.

School costs include:

  • a fee of $6,750 including GST (first child)
  • a fee of $4,400 including GST (subsequent children)
  • a fee of $100 including GST per child for resources
  • a fee of $350 including GST per family for cleaning and maintenance
  • a donation of $3,450 per child (which is eligible for a tax refund of up to 33%, and the school does not pay GST on).


Building fund

In 2024 we are completing cladding repairs and painting in the Lower School and renovations to the new Class 3. We ask all families who are able to make an additional donation of $500 towards our building fund.


Financial Adjustment Application

A family in genuine financial hardship may apply for a financial adjustment if they are only able to contribute to the school at an amount below the fee outlined in the table above. There is no need to apply for a financial adjustment if you are able to pay at or above this minimum threshold after completing the pledging process.

This means you only need to apply for a financial adjustment if you are paying less than $7,200 for one child in school, less than $11,700 for two children in school or less than $16,200 for three or more children in school.

All parents/caregivers applying for a financial adjustment must fully complete the Financial Adjustment Form.

All fully complete applications will be considered by the School’s administration.

In all cases, consideration will be given to the number of children / total cost and the family’s overall income and ability to contribute financially.

Families are expected to have explored every avenue to increase their income. This includes but is not limited to savings, property equity, investments, trust accounts and wider family contributions.

Adjustments are approved for one year only. To receive a further financial adjustment, families must reapply each year. Decisions not to approve an adjustment may be reconsidered by the Trust on request.


To make your make your financial commitment for 2024, please complete either: