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Parent Involvement

At our school, it is recognised that the relationship between parents and teachers must be alive and effective to sustain and nurture, not only the development of each individual child but also the social and financial wellbeing of the school, and in fact, the very existence of the school. 

The following are areas of commitment parents make on a class and school level to cultivate the conscious partnership between teachers and parents to achieve a healthy school life and enrich the education of their children.

There are also many other opportunities for parents to participate, that not only contribute significantly to the life of the school, but also provide personal learning and enjoyment. From being members of the Trust, participating in various craft, fundraising, development, study groups, to helping on school trips...and lots more.

Community Meetings

Community Meetings cover important issues of school life, as well as being a place for strategising and consultation. They support the healthy social life of the school and regularly have a paedagogical aspect. Community Meetings are one of the first opportunities new parents have to meet other parents beyond their child's class. They are normally held once per term.It is essential that all families make every possible effort to attend.


Class Meetings

Class Meetings are also held once per term. This is an opportunity for each teacher/kindergartener and their class parents to come together to discuss curriculum content, general child development for the age of the class, as well as, the development of the class as a whole, including any issues arising within the class. Practical activities and administration for the class are also discussed. The parent community of each class forms a significant part of school life for parents. 

Working Bees

Working Bees provide an opportunity for families to work together to maintain and repair the school grounds.  They are invaluable both socially and economically. They provide a practical expression of commitment to nurturing the school, strengthen our social fabric by working together, and invariably finish with a shared lunch at the end of the morning. Economically, they reduce our costs of maintenance and repair and free up our financial resources for elsewhere. They are another opportunity to meet parents beyond your child's class. Working Bees are scheduled on Saturdays before each Festival,  before commencement of each term and the Saturday after the last day of the school year. The Trust asks families to attend a minimum of five Working Bees per year. It is possible to make arrangements to undertake tasks at a time suitable to you if you cannot attend scheduled Working Bees.


Working Bee Dates 2017:

Saturday  28th January                   Saturday 16th September

Saturday  18th March                      Saturday 14th October

Saturday  29th April                        Saturday 11th November

Saturday  10th June                        Saturday 16th December

Saturday 29th July



A few words from Rudolf Steiner to the Parents

Rudolf Steiner spoke to the parents of the Waldorf School in Stuttgart in 1921.

“When we bring to the child, just at the right moment, matter appropriate to his faculties, to his disposition, then what has been thus introduced will become a re-creating source of refreshment for the child throughout the whole course of his life.

If the parents of our children perceive that we have the will to work in such a way that we place into the decades lying before us people capable of dealing with the ever-increasing difficulties of life – but still having questions to ask of life – then the parents will stand in the right relationship to the school. For it is upon the parents’ understanding that we must build. We cannot work, as do other schools, protected by the state or by any other authority. We can only work supported by a community of parents who have this understanding.

We love our children; our teaching is inspired by knowledge of man and love of children. And another love is being built up around us, the love of the parents for the true essence of the school. Only within such a community can we work towards a future of mankind able to prosper and withstand.”